Landscaping Company In Los Angeles: How We Can Save You Thousands

Unfortunately, California is in the middle of a water crisis. Over the last decade, the intense drought has caused reserve water levels to plummet. California citizens are being asked to reduce their power and water consumption, but this hasn’t seemed to alleviate the problem. The California government may just have a solution that can lead to cash in your wallet in while also reducing water consumption. As the top Landscaping Company in Los Angeles, we believe in helping our state as well as our clients. California has put together some great tax exception and various incentives to tearing out green lawns and replacing them with a “drought friendly” alternative.

I know what you’re thinking- you don’t want a mount of dirt for a front yard. The good news is? You DON’T HAVE TO! Hardscaping is the option you never considered, but can provide beautiful, elegant, long lasting, functional lawns with curb appeal to spare. Take a look at these ideas, and give Landscape-Hardscape a call to set up your free in-home consultation. Depending on the rebates or tax credit you get from California- the work could pay for itself!

The options available to you for converting your lawn  are incredibly diverse. Consider the following:

1. Decomposed Granite:

Driveway Custom Home Gravel Samples

Decomposed granite is a beautiful, low maintenance alternative to turf. It comes in about 6 colors, each of which add a splash of color to your home. There are additional benefits to decomposed granite as well. The rock actually helps to keep moisture from evaporating into the atmosphere. It is also very easy to maintain and work with- and  who couldn’t use one less stress these days? If one day you decided to go back to a green lawn

2. You Don’t Have to Say Goodbye To Color:

Plant - Landscape Company In Los Angeles Front Yard Landscaping

One of the biggest concerns people have when considering replacing turf- is that they will end up with a pile of brown dirt where their lawn used to be. This couldn’t be more untrue. Desert plants come in an incredibly wide variety of colors and textures, so that you can still enjoy bright, exuberant. Experimentation is key, and we’re here to help!

3. Custom-Designed Walkways and Stepping Stones:

Custom Driveway

Walkway - Landscape Company In Los Angeles

Did you know that pathways such as these can actually help to slow erosion and thus can play a small role in protecting the foundation of your home? Concrete pathways are durable, beautiful, and beyond the regular cleaning take little to no upkeep. Be as ornate or as simple as you’d like- either way, you’ll be left with a durable solution that features design elements a grass lawn couldn’t equal.

4. Space You Never Knew You Had:

Fire Pit - Landscape Company In Los Angeles Outdoor Grill In Los Angeles

Truthfully- how often do you spend on your lawn? If you’re already going through the process of removing your grass and having something uniquely tailored to your wants and needs installed, why not add a space for family fun and activity? A covered patio with a water feature and a fire place, a little slice of vacation away from home- and all with even less effort and energy than you spend keeping your lawn green today. Space is quickly becoming a rare and valuable commodity- why not utilize yours to its highest potential?

5. As if Saving  Time and Energy Weren’t Enough- You Can Earn Money

Cash in Hand

Don’t forget that Los Angeles County and a few others are offering some fantastic incentives and rebates for getting rid of your green lawn. Need to know if you qualify? Follow the useful links below- and give us a call! We will have you well on your way to transforming your lawn and earning some extra cash to put in your wallet. All County Landscape – Hardscape is the most trusted Landscaping Company in Los Angeles.

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