Artificial Turf Installation- Find the Best Contractor for the Job

Artificial turf is a great alternative for home landscaping, particularly since “fake grass” saves water and protects the environment while looking beautifully lush and green year-round. You do not need to mow an artificial lawn and can instead enjoy its low maintenance, hassle-free ease. It also makes a great play area for your family and pets. When you are ready for artificial turf installation on your property, be sure to find the right contractor for the job.

As with any home landscaping project, there are many variables to artificial turf installation that can affect the cost, value and quality. In order for your yard project to achieve the end results you hope for, consider our three tips below for hiring the right contractor for your new lawn.

1. Get a Price Quote

Most homeowners are on a budget. But getting a price quote means more than just checking your new turf’s impact on your wallet. A quote also confirms the contractor is locally competitive and provides value. In the end, it keeps everyone honest and ensures the payment process goes smoothly. In many ways, the turf installation price quote sets the project tone and expectations.

There are many factors that can affect your artificial turf installation price. These include the cost of the turf itself, size of the area you want covered, labor costs and taxes. Your contractor also must pay for insurance and other fees. Their pricing usually reflects their experience, too. A highly experienced and recommended contractor is in higher demand and will generally charge more for his or her time and expertise. Conversely, a cheap price quote can indicate you are working with a fly-by-night installer, someone possibly not working legally or adequately compensating their crew.

In the long run, working with an experienced professional will save you money. You will get the artificial turf installation quality you want. You will also be less likely to need aspects of the work redone. At the same time, a higher quality service provider generally provides exceptional customer service. They have access to higher grade products, too.

2. Consider Your Product Options for Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial turf is no longer a one-product fits all solution. Today’s product lines offer a variety of attributes like color, blade cuts and styles. It is important to ask your artificial turf installation professional for swatches or samples of the turf styles they use. Doing so empowers you to choose the right style and quality for your lawn.

Ask your installation contractor questions about the turf they use. Seek their opinions about which will serve your specific purposes or vision best, such as for a playground for your children or a social area like a patio in your backyard for parties. Also ask about infill and other necessary components of the installation.

3. Ask about the Product and Warranties

Product and installation warranties are important aspects of any artificial turf project. However, you should never invest in a costly service like this without having those warranties in writing. Ask questions before the installation begins and closely evaluate the warranty limitations. Learn about the covered damages and find out what the company does not cover. Also examine the warranty or ask who will perform the work or other necessary actions, should the turf need repair or replacement.

Artificial Turf Installation Experts in Tarzana

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