Backyard Landscaping Services in Pacific Palisades

backyard landscaping services

Backyard landscaping services are hit and miss. So how can you be sure our landscaping company can transform your backyard? Well, your imagination is the only limit. We can convert a jungle-like backyard into a clean patio with waterfalls and a rock garden or install a fire pit where you and your friends can enjoy during winter evenings.

Our job is to make your backyard look like a work of art. We love challenges, and hence we leave the landscaping ideas to you. You tell us what to do, and we assure you that our team will implement exactly the same backyard landscape design to make your vision come to life.

Types of backyard landscaping services


Adding pavers is a great way to enjoy your new backyard. A bed of pea gravels on concrete blocks can give an entirely new look to your backyard. Or maybe design the backyard with bluestone paired with granite cobble accents. We follow your instructions religiously to make your backyard look beautiful. All you need to do is show us the photos. We will take care of the rest.


You usually see walkways in the front yard. But why not create a walkway in the backyard also? You can decorate it with white lights, making it a perfect setting for house parties.

Outdoor kitchen

We can set up an outdoor kitchen in your backyard where you can barbecue or cook your meals under the sun in winters. Our experts will measure the area where you want to install the kitchen and source materials accordingly.

Fire pits

Sitting beside a fire pit on a chilly winter evening, reading your favorite book, or talking to your friends is an incredible feeling. We can transform your backyard’s landscape by installing a fire pit where you can spend cozy evenings with your partner or friends, along with barbecued meat made in the outdoor kitchen.

How We Work

You might be curious to know how our experts change the look of your backyard’s landscape. Well, here’s how we work once you contact us:

Inspect site conditions

Our backyard landscaping starts by identifying the soil. We check whether your backyard’s soil has steep slopes, runoff problems, or a bed of gravel. They also allow us to figure out the approximate time within which we will finish your project. For example, if you want to install a fence around your backyard and it has steep slopes, we first have to even out the slopes with concrete blocks. This takes additional time. We only provide an ETA after we finish inspecting your backyard.

Discussing landscape features

Do you only want to install an outdoor kitchen or pair it with a fire pit? Or maybe only trim the bushes and install a walkway. It’s up to you to decide the landscape features you want in your backyard. You can discuss your plans and finalize your project after talking to our experts. We can recommend a few suggestions, which we think will enhance the beauty of your house.

Land Preparation

This is one of the most crucial parts of backyard landscaping. We start working on your backyard after we finally know the type of landscaping service you want. Different services require different types of land preparation. For example, if you want to install a fence, we will only work on the edges of your backyard. On the other hand, if you want to install a walkway, we will have to take appropriate measurements from the backdoor leading to your house and prepare the land accordingly. For tree removal services in Los Angeles, we recommend reaching out to professional tree services.

Sometimes, land preparation also involves building sub-bases, digging footings, clearing the gravels and pebbles from the land, and removing a few trees if necessary. Although this takes extra time, we make sure that the end result satisfies you.

Landscape finishing

We source the materials according to your project. Our company makes sure that the workers use the best materials so that your investment in our services is worth every penny. We plan everything well in advance to finish the job within the provided ETA.

Why Choose All County Landscape-Hardscape?

We are one of the most experienced landscaping companies in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Pacific Palisades. Our service areas include Malibu, Brentwood, Encino, Tarzana, Thousand Oaks, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, and more. We don’t claim that we are the best in the business; we let our work prove our excellence in this industry.

If you want to revamp your backyard with top-notch landscaping services, call us and set up an appointment as soon as possible (818) 720-3316.

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