Hardscape Contractor in Thousand Oaks – Material Options to Consider

Are you looking for a reliable hardscape contractor in Thousand Oaks? Your landscape needs a perfect blend of hardscape and softscape for it to realize balance and beauty.

Hardscaping adds dimension, central focus, and decoration to a landscape. Thus, a landscape without hardscaping is incomplete. It’s likely to resemble a forest full of wild greenery.

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We are a top landscaping company in Thousand Oaks, California. We provide excellent hardscaping and landscaping services. Our services will keep your yard as functional and attractive as possible. Are you looking to incorporate beautiful hardscaping designs into your landscape? we’re your ideal landscaping contractor partner.

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Think of how your landscape would look without rocks, gravel, pavilions, walls, wood, bricks, and arbors. Your trees and plants would make your property appear like a forest full of wild plants.

If you’re new to landscaping, hardscaping refers to non-living objects in your landscape. Hardscaping is as important to your landscape as softscaping, which refers to all the plants growing in your garden. All County Landscape – Hardscape, offers a full range of hardscaping services that include; building and maintenance of paving, driveways, decks, fences, fireplaces, firepits, stepping stones, pool installation, pool remodels, pool deck, patio, outdoor kitchens, stone veneer, and stucco, etc. 

Whether large, small, natural, or artificial, our hardscaping services can add beauty, balance, and focus to your garden. Contact us to learn more about how we can beautify your yard by incorporating hardscape design.

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 All County Landscape – Hardscape can help transform your ideas into attractive landscapes and gardens. Indeed, we employ highly experienced and qualified architects, who know how to create unique creative landscaping ideas guaranteed to turn your project into a work of art and beauty.

If you’re searching for a landscape contractor in Thousand Oaks. We’re your perfect fit! We know how to create exceptionally looking lawns that stand out in the neighborhood. But wait, there’s more. Also, unlike other landscaping services that don’t care once you sign up, We’re different. All County Landscape – Hardscape we’ll hold your hand until you get the results you desire. From the start of the project to finish depends on our architects to do the job right. Hundreds of customers in Thousand Oaks depend on us for landscaping services such as tree planting, garden installation, grading installation, sod installation, landscaping design, and more.

The Types of Hardscaping Materials All County Landscape Uses


Brick is one of the oldest construction materials we use for building driveways, walls, pathways, fences, and all kinds of structures. Bricks come in a variety of patterns and can make surfaces appear formal or informal. Also, used brick is a material of choice for many outdoor projects because it’s reusable, environmental-friendly and affordable.

Composite Decking

We use composite decking for most of our projects. Decking that is not constructed using aluminum or real wood and is considered synthetic or composite decking. Also, It’s durable, doesn’t splinter, repels insects and molds. Moreover, it doesn’t rot or require sanding. Although It sounds perfect for use in hardscaping, it can be a bit expensive for those on a budget.


If you’re looking to build a patio or deck in your backyard, wood should be your top choice. Moreover, wood is a popular material that’s readily available in several finishes and varieties, you can pick it to match your yard and home design. In fact, many homeowners select wood because of its natural warmth and feel.

Loose Materials

Loose materials such as gravel, recycled glass, stones, rubber mulch, and more are widely used in our hardscaping design. Thus, these materials are inexpensive but can make your landscape look attractive, especially if you include them in making your pathways, pool surroundings, and edging.


Stone is a reliable material that can add sophistication to your outdoor space. Natural stone and flagstone are good options for patios, courtyards, pergolas, and other outdoor features. Also, it’s easy to customize stone to match your home or landscape style, whether you’re looking for formal, rustic, or luxurious styles. Furthermore, the stone is freely available and cheap.


Indeed, pavers are premade slabs, which you can arrange or lay into a pattern of your liking. You can utilize pavers on pathways, patios, stepping stones, and walkways. Common types of pavers we  use include concrete, brick, and flagstone.

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Are you looking for a reputable, affordable, and efficient hardscape and landscaping company in Thousands Oaks, California?  All County Landscape – Hardscape is your best bet! We are known for creating beautiful and functional landscapes that stand out. Contact us today for all your landscaping needs in Thousands Oaks.

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