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Landscape DesignGardens can greatly improve both the looks and the pleasure of your backyard or front yard, and they improve the quality of air. Also, a beautiful landscape can soothe us with the greenery, invite us to spend some time in them, and can even act as shelters from the sun, the wind, and the rain. Landscape design can be formal with straight lines and symmetry or have curves, irregular shapes, and natural materials like stone or gravel that symbolizes the natural world. Most landscape designers understand these differences and can even mix the elements of both to give your landscape a uniqueness.

Garden and greenery traditionally always had three things in mind. the growing of food, creating a living space, or to be a visual delight. Good landscape design can combine all of these, by having vegetables and fruits growing, flowers for visual pleasure and open areas, and access for creating the needed living space. Such gardens may require much more maintenance and effort, but the gains far exceed any efforts put in. A design must define the boundaries of any garden space, and provide a focal point, as this then creates a sense of order.

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Landscape DesignEvery garden will have its own set of features, the difference in levels, existing trees, soil conditions, sunny areas, spots that are always windy. This gives them a uniqueness that demands that the design considers all these while designing the landscape. Every garden will have its microclimate and topography which will demand that any design of soft or hard landscape consider this.

Loose and sandy soil will demand a different set of plants than soil that is full of clay. You can of course go in for total replacement of the soil, but besides being costly, this will disturb the natural environment and may require constant efforts at maintenance.

Landscape Design & Topography

The topography is very important in a landscape and if you have undulating land, you can decide whether you are going to keep this and landscape on this, or artificially change the topography. By creating different levels through the use of retaining walls, manageable slopes, or other means. You may be lucky to have certain vistas that surround your garden and can even become focal points for your garden. Take advantage of the magnificent tree in your neighboring garden. Also, a view of an impressive home or other building to allow your landscape to give your garden a more spacious feel.

Never block these views with hedges or fences, even though you may sacrifice your privacy a bit. If your land in the garden is sloping, landscape designers can take advantage of this and design plants and lawns that can take advantage of these slopes and the fact that your land will never have a problem of drainage. Just imagine a nice well-greened area that your children and pets will find a natural play area that adds to their fun as they run up and down. It even makes a natural amphitheater that you can take advantage of in family gatherings and parties.

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Many of the landscaping companies will have their landscape architects who will inspect your yard, carry out any tests for soil, water levels, and others that will help them to come up with practical landscape designs. Many companies use landscaping design software that allows them to create virtual landscapes that you can see in three dimensions so that you are looking at views of how your landscape will look if any particular design is implemented. Some of the software will also allow you to walk through every part of your landscape and see the differing views from every position and angle.

The trees and plants suggested will be true representations of the actual vegetation, and hence allow you to see your garden as it will when all the plants and trees are fully developed. And if you have any suggestions or changes that you want, they can be implemented immediately and help you in deciding on the right landscape design. “All County Landscape Hardscape has been a great partner to us in helping improve our clients Landscape Design”, said a local company that provides Simi Valley Tree Care Services.

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Walkways and paths, as well as ponds and fountains, can always be part of any landscape design and can greatly help in making it more interesting, make your garden more accessible, and even add to creating boundaries between various parts of a garden. They separate the lawn from the shrubs, the pond from the greenery, and is often an intrinsic part of many designs of landscapes.

If you are planning a deck attached to the house or even away from it, make it part of your landscape design so that it blends it with all its other features seamlessly. A deck gives you a place where you can relax, and take full advantage of the view of your garden. Combine your landscape and its greenery with a cookout or barbecue and you will find that your friends and family are much more appreciative of the design that you have had implemented.

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One aspect of landscape design that you always need to give a lot of importance is the maintenance that it will require, for the more features in a landscape. The greater is the effort that is needed to maintain it in the right condition. Too many trees and plants that shed, and winter can be a nightmare for constantly clearing dead leaves. A larger lawn area will need more attention to its watering and mowing. A hedge will need trimming, as will certain shrubs, while trees may need pruning. It is always possible to outsource this maintenance, but it will add to your costs.

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While you can always ask the landscape designer to add some exotic plants that add to the beauty of your garden. One thing to remember is that such plants are high maintenance and require constant attention. You will be much better off if all your plants are those that thrive in your geographical area, as they will prosper in the climate. Combine perennials with seasonals to give your garden more variety. You will always have greenery and color. Choose trees for how they will look when they are mature as they will add character to your landscape.

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