Front Yard Hedges for Design and Privacy

Privacy is of the utmost importance to many L.A. area residents. But it is not a concept reserved for the rich and famous. Almost anyone can enjoy their property more when there is a general feeling of privacy in doing so.

According to the professionals of All County Landscape-Hardscape, privacy is one of the most common requests from their landscaping and hardscape clients. One of the pros’ most highly recommended methods for establishing that sense of peace, calm and exclusivity is through use of front yard hedges.

What Makes Your Los Angeles County Front Yard Feel Less Private?

Before coming up with a creative and aesthetic solution to your privacy problems, you first must know how and where your property feels infringed upon. Some of the most common privacy concerns include:

  • Neighbors’ higher story windows overlooking your space
  • Sidewalk or street traffic seeming too close to your property
  • Neighbors’ yards jutting up against yours
  • Undesirable views taking away from your desired aesthetic
  • Shielding personal activities, such as around patios, hot tubs or decks
  • Making your property less accessible to potential intruders
  • Creating a safety barrier for your kids or pets

Fortunately, these are all issues that landscaping and hardscaping can solve. In fact, many privacy concerns are easily solved through the use of front yard hedges. Even where complex city statutes restrict hardscapes to shield your property, hedges are generally acceptable under these laws. Even better, hedging shields your property from city noise, just like it can solve your visual privacy problems.

Hardscape Barriers for Privacy

Before we explore using front yard hedges for privacy, let’s look at types of hardscaping that can also solve many of these problems. Potential hardscape barriers for your property’s privacy include:

  • Fencing using materials like wood, wire, mesh, bamboo, composites or vinyl
  • Retainer walls, such as those made with concrete, brick, masonry block, stacked stone, metal or cinder
  • Soil berms that lift the landscape, with or without front lawn hedges on top to increase this effect
  • Garden structures, such as arbors, privacy roofing, trellises or pergolas
  • Gates to enclose the driveway or other yard areas
  • Screening, outdoor curtains, umbrellas or canopies

Whether used alone or in combination with front yard hedges or hedging in other areas of your property, these types of hardscape barriers can amplify your privacy.

Landscape Barriers for Privacy

The term “barrier” sounds cold and hard. But many privacy barrier options actually add depth, texture, color, fragrance and curb appeal to your property. They work well alone or in combination with hardscapes.

These options help reduce dust inside your home or business, block wind, absorb noise, diffuse full sun exposure and can even encourage more wildlife activity on your land. Some of the most common types of landscaping used to make outdoor spaces more private include:

  • Canopies of trees planted in a row
  • A living wall made of front yard hedges or another hedging
  • White flowering shrubs integrated into front yard tree landscaping or garden landscape
  • Flowering shrubs, fast-growing vines, evergreen hedging or other plants used in combination with hardscapes to soften the surfaces and enhance the shield
  • A layered buffer zone created by fast-growing hedging plants

As you can see, creating privacy in your front yard is not exclusive to hard surfaces, walls or fences. Through front yard landscaping you can easily create a sense of exclusivity for your land, front door or the front of the house. For more ideas incorporating front yard hedges around your Los Angeles County home and a full spectrum of landscaping and hardscaping services, call the pros at All County Landscape-Hardscape at 888-720-3316.