January 14, 2021

Best Landscape Company in Encino

Landscape company in Encino, your best bet! Imagine putting on a stunning outfit without a single piece of jewelry in sight. Landscaping on your property is like the final touch to adorning a well-fitting garment. Only that this time, you are not dressing yourself, you are dressing your home. Do you want your yard to stand out? Then no doubt, All County Landscape – Hardscape is the right contractor for the job. 

If you are looking for a landscape company in Encino, the buck stops with us. We are the difference between an average looking lawn and a ravishing lawn fit for the front cover of an international magazine. But wait there’s more. Here’s what we can do for you.

 Landscape Company in Encino

Landscape Company in Encino Basic Services

If you need landscaping services, rest assured that we can meet your demands. Everything from the simplest of landscaping tasks to more laborious tasks, we can get it done. Talk about clearing your lawn of fallen leaves, trimming shrubs, pruning trees, and mowing the lawn. We also do walkway and driveway edging, transplant shrubs, manage flower beds, spray for weeds, prep lawns in preparation for fall and so much more. Our landscaping team will leave your lawn looking neat, and healthy. 

  • ‘Yardscaping’ Services 

‘Yardscaping’ is slightly more complicated and diverse than basic landscaping services. Experienced landscapers like All County Landscape – Hardscape are best suited to provide ‘yardscaping’ services. This is because ‘landscaping’ requires more skill, special tools, and time investment. 

Examples of services in this category include the installation of a new irrigation system, building waterfalls, installing fishponds, and building fire pits. We also install pergolas and build wildlife habitats as provided for by the National Wildlife Federation.

Home Improvement

All County Landscape – Hardscape is the number one landscaping company in Encino. If you are a residential property owner, you’ll enjoy seeing what home improvement services we have available for you. 

Some of the services we offer in this category include building decks, installing outdoor barbeque centers, and building stepping stones. In a nutshell, if it has anything to do with outdoor remodels and renovations, then we are your best bet.

Why Choose our landscape company in Encino

Are you looking to partner with a reputable landscaping company in Encino? Not to toot our own horn but we are the best. Look around, our work speaks for itself. We can get you that landscape that commands attention. A place where you’ll enjoy looking at and spending time making joyous memories with loved ones. 

So what separates us from the rest? Read on to find out.

  • Qualified

Knowing a lot about landscaping is one thing, but knowing how to quickly tackle each challenge is entirely something else. The difference between the two narrows down to experience. Lucky for you, we are super experienced with over a decade of service provision for Encino residents and residential property owners. We even have the paperwork to prove our qualifications.

All our project managers and staff members are extensively trained and certified. Each team member boasts a Bachelor’s degree in Landscaping. Besides, we are also licensed and insured. 

  • Reputable

Having offered landscaping services for over a decade, it’s safe to say that we have and continue to win many hearts. Every project we take up, we give it our all. Our quest is to deliver the highest quality results. We are eager to go the extra mile and create breathtaking results. 

Naturally, we attract five-star reviews from our customers. In fact,

we have so many good reviews that nearly half of all the landscaping projects come from referrals.  Each day we work hard to maintain and further grow our reputation.

Value for Money

You must agree that a major landscaping project can indeed cost an arm and a leg. When you partner with us, you are sure that no single coin you spend with us goes to waste. We are ever eager to offer useful guidance and advice. 

Most projects take a couple of hours to a few days. Our work does not stop there. We schedule maintenance visits in the following weeks to make sure that everything is slowly falling in place, especially in cases where you received ‘hardscaping’ or home improvement services. 

Affordable Services

Are you looking for an affordable landscaping company in Encino? Call us. Most people want to transform their properties into gorgeous, breathtaking spaces. However, this quest quickly gets thrown out the window when they realize how much it will cost. 

But what if there was a way to get what you want without poking holes in your pockets? This is where we come in. When working on a tight budget, we are the right company to talk to. Our services come at super competitive prices. 

Also, we have friendly financing plans and have devised various ways to accommodate your budget, however small. We can guarantee you a job well done without compromising the quality of the results. 

Get In Touch

Creating a landscape that captures your heart and fills it with joy is ever our goal. If you are looking for a landscaping company in Encino that always gets it right, then All County Landscape – Hardscape will leave you in awe. Call us today and schedule your appointment.