A Los Angeles Area Gazebo Builder’s Most Popular Designs

Gazebos have been a part of outdoor living spaces for more than 5,000 years constructed by skilled gazebo builders! This incredible lifespan has included designs to provide shade, shelter from the weather, and visual appeal within gardens. Once structures only for prominent landowners, gazebos rose in popularity around the world, especially after the 1800s.

Each region added its own distinctive touches to the design and called these structures by different names. Whether you prefer to call yours a gazebo, pergola, pavilion, belvedere or by any other moniker, a Los Angeles area gazebo builder can help you design one perfectly suited to your property.

A gazebo builder designs and constructs outdoor structures that suit your unique style and enhance the usability of your yard or garden. Below are some of the most popular gazebo designs in the L.A. area.

Pool Area Gazebo

If you have a backyard swimming pool, why not add a gazebo as shelter from the sun and a breathtaking visual centerpiece for your water features or pool deck? Your gazebo builder can help you design one to perfectly fit the poolside, accommodate outdoor dining and suit other purposes. If a gazebo is not your style, other options include pergola installation or pavilions.

Outdoor Retreat

Large backyards can seem too expansive without visual appeal. Backyard gazebos not only enhance the beauty of a large outdoor space, but they also provide a structure for seating, socializing and dining mid-garden. If you enjoy hosting backyard parties, they provide the perfect shelter for a band, dee jay or other attractions. 

Viewing Platform

The name “gazebo” is a term coined to describe ornate outbuildings by two English architects in the mid-18th century.  It comes from the English word “gaze” and the Latin ending “-ebo,” meaning “I will look.” The name suits the most popular purpose for gazebos as a structure where one can sit or stand while gazing upon lovely views of gardens or distant terrain.

If you have lovely gardens or views you want others to enjoy, a gazebo perfectly suits this purpose. A skilled gazebo builder can help you design the perfect position, proportions and elevation of your new gazebo to provide the most glorious views.

Deck or Patio Addition

Patios and deck installation can seem visually flat and boring in their seasonal use. But with a gazebo builder’s help, you can add shade, weather protection and vertical beauty to your backyard hardscapes. These ornate structures provide the perfect space for relaxing, socializing and dining. Add mosquito netting to the gazebo’s structure or an outdoor heater to its center and it is sure to expand the use of your deck or patio to year-round.

Tap Into a Gazebo Builder’s Expert Creativity for Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are meant to be enjoyed. With a gazebo builder’s creativity and skill, you can expand the usability of your backyard or property for years to come. At the same time, gazebo design can suit your home’s architectural theme and integrate beautifully into your landscaping. In L.A. County, call the gazebo design experts of All County Landscape-Hardscape at 818-720-3316 for a project consultation.