June 20, 2019

Outdoor Fireglass Firepits

Fireglass: The Eco-Friendly, Stylish Alternative for Outdoor Fireglass Firepits

Fireglass : it’s beautiful, it’s mysterious, and it is quickly sweeping the nation and rising to the top  of the ranks as first choice for designers and homeowners alike. With it’s huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, fireglass is safe, clean, easy to use, durable, beautiful and has little to no impact on the environment. This article takes a close look at fireglass and gets you the scoop on what it is, how it’s made, what it costs, and where you can buy it. Lastly, outdoor fireglass firepits are great for every backyard in Los Angeles.  

So what is Fireglass?

Although at a glance, fireglass looks like sorcery, it is actually made of nothing more than simple, tempered glass. Tempered glass is put through a special treatment that allows it to come into contact with high heat flames without melting, exploding, emitting any harmful gases, or sooting up as regular glass would.

It is important to note that it is not the pebbles themselves which are actually on fire- the fireglass is used as an alternative to real, or ceramic wood that would ordinarily be placed over a gas jet in a fireplace or fire pit. Although a very popular option, ceramic logs can deplete the natural glow of a flame and seem inauthentic. This is not the case for fireglass! These beautiful little pebbles hide the gas jets exposing only a clean burning flame.**

***Do no attempt to use regular glass in the place of tempered glass as exposing untreated glass to high temperatures can cause glass to become unstable and explode, or cause melt. Regular glass, when burned, gives off a strong, foul odor. Make sure to only use products which specify that they are approved for use in fire features


How is it Made?

Good question! Here’s the video;


In What Colors/ Sizes Does Fireglass Come?

One of the best features of fireglass is it’s versatility.  There is almost no limit to the various colors, sized and shapes in which you an get it. I’ve listed a small sample below:

Outdoor Fireglass Firepits

How is it Eco-Friendly?

There are a number of ways that fireglass blows the competition out of the water in respect to being eco-friendly. We can take a look at a couple of those reasons below:

  • Odor Free
    •  Does not emit any harmful by products unlike Regular Glass, or wood burning fire pits.
  • Smoke-Free
    • That’s right- burning this specialized type of tempered glass does not produce soot or smoke. Smoke pollutes the environment, is an eye and skin irritant, and can leave your clothes or personal items smelling like the burnt side of a grill. There is no worry of that with this clean alternative
  • Made from all Recycled Materials
    • Fireglass is always made from recycled materials! No waste involved!
  • Produces no chemicals, ash or burn residue
    • Since the glass is not actually burning, there is no ash, soot, or chemicals left over after use. You certainly can’t say the same for it’s wooden counter-part.

Outdoor Fireglass Firepits: How Much Does it Cost?

Probably one of thee most surprising features of fireglass is it’s minimal cost. Of course cost will vary from brand to brand, and some colors, sizes or finishes can also change the price. Also, to determine how much you will need, you need to first determine the volume of the firepit or table top space in which you intend to use the glass. An average cost estimate for purchase through big box retailers such as Home Depot puts a 25lb bag at around$55-60. Unless you’re completely filling the bottom of a large firepit, a 10lb bag may serve your purposes!

Outdoor Fireglass Firepits: How/where can I use it?

Since fireglass is non-toxic, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Fireglass is great for use in table tops (indoor or outdoor), full sized fire pits, home fire places, offices, anywhere. Also, we suggest it as an alternative to ceramic logs which are often used in gas burning fire pits in back yards. It can also be used as an accent to living spaces, and looks absolutely fantastic near a water feature, especially at night.

In Closing

Outdoor Fireglass Firepits are an eco-friendly, odor-free, smoke-free, soot-free alternative to real or ceramic wood for fire pits an other fire installations. Due to its durability, cost, and the fact that it is made from recycled materials,  this dynamic and beautiful material is quickly becoming the go-to for designers, homeowners, and business owners alike. Lastly, All County Landscape Hardscape is your trusted Outdoor Fireglass Firepit installation contractor. Call us today!