Pressure Wash | 101

So You Want to Pressure Wash- If you live in a humid climate, chances are, you’ve seen your concrete turn a dingy green with moss… and no matter how hard you scrub, it doesn’t seem to go away. Well, then pressure washing may be fore you. lets start at the beginning: How does a pressure […]

secret to bigger plants is epsom salt

The Secret to Mega Blossoming Plants is… Salt? Wait, What?

The Secret To Bigger, Stronger, Healthier Plants is…. Epsom Salt Ah yes, that miracle in a bag that is probably collecting dust somewhere in the back of your pantry. Many people know at least a few of the billion uses of Epsom Salt; whether its for radiant skin in the form of lotion, to alleviate constipation, […]

gardening and mental health

Gardening: Reducing Risk of Dementia & Other Mental Illnesses

Studies Show That Gardening Can Reduce the Risk Of Dementia, Depression, and Improve Memory   Anyone who has spent any real time in a garden can tell you that after a few hours with their hands in the dirt, they are rejuvenated and refreshed. Now, recent studies into the effects of gardening on mental health […]

Public Gardens | 5 Most Stunning Landscapes in Los Angeles

Did you know LA has some of the most stunning public gardens in the US? LA is known for many things. From the chaos of the urban jungle, to the glitz and glam of Hollywood – when most people think of LA, “garden oasis” doesn’t usually come to mind. The truth is that Los Angeles […]


What Are Pavers? Definition, Cost and Ideas

What Are Pavers? Pavers are  paving stones, tile, brick or brick-like pieces of concrete commonly used as exterior flooring. In a factory, concrete pavers are made by pouring a mixture of concrete and some type of coloring agent into a mold of some shape and allowing to set. Pavers typically come in one of four materials: Clay Stone Brick […]

Adding a Water Feature | What You Should Know

Water Features are some of the most highly sought after hardscaping features available today. Water features provide not only aesthetic benefit, but studies have shown that the sound of moving water can do wonders for people with high anxiety or stress. Unfortunately, many people believe that water features are outside of their price range, or […]

Fireglass: The Eco-Friendly, Stylish Alternative for Firepits

  Fireglass : it’s beautiful, it’s mysterious, and it is quickly sweeping the nation and rising to the top  of the ranks as first choice for designers and homeowners alike.  With it’s huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, fireglass is safe, clean, easy to use, durable, beautiful and has little to no impact on […]

Retaining Wall | What you should know

Retaining Wall: What You Should Know- In this blog, we explain what a retaining wall is, the functions they perform, different types, and different building materials available for retaining walls.   Retaining Wall: Definition A Retaining wall is a wall which is designed to be built into a slope in order to reduce the natural erosion and movement […]

What is hardscaping, anyway?

For the most part we can say with confidence that we all know what “landscaping” is… but what, exactly, is hardscaping? This article will shed some light on the subject- providing beautiful examples of successful hardscapes, as well as information to help navigate the vernacular. By literal definition, hardscaping is “the nonliving or man-made fixtures […]

Natural Gas vs. Propane or Charcoal Grill

      Natural Gas Grill V Propane/ Charcoal Grills: One of the most under-utilized spaces of any home is the back yard. The back yard is the perfect place for spending quality time away from phone or TV screens, and to create lasting memories within a family or group of friends.  One of the […]