secret to bigger plants is epsom salt

The Secret to Mega Blossoming Plants is… Salt? Wait, What?

The Secret To Bigger, Stronger, Healthier Plants is…. Epsom Salt Ah yes, that miracle in a bag that is probably collecting dust somewhere in the back of your pantry. Many people know at least a few of the billion uses of Epsom Salt; whether its for radiant skin in the form of lotion, to alleviate constipation, […]

gardening and mental health

Gardening: Reducing Risk of Dementia & Other Mental Illnesses

Studies Show That Gardening Can Reduce the Risk Of Dementia, Depression, and Improve Memory   Anyone who has spent any real time in a garden can tell you that after a few hours with their hands in the dirt, they are rejuvenated and refreshed. Now, recent studies into the effects of gardening on mental health […]