Retaining Wall | What you should know

Retaining Wall: What You Should Know- In this blog, we explain what a retaining wall is, the functions they perform, different types, and different building materials available for retaining walls.   Retaining Wall: Definition A Retaining wall is a wall which is designed to be built into a slope in order to reduce the natural erosion and movement […]

LSHS Blog : How to Protect Your Lawn and Prepare for Winter

  How to protect your lawn and prepare for winter: Tips from your friends at All County Landscape Hardscape Luckily, living in Los Angeles, California, we don’t have to worry about intense winter conditions such as feet of snow fall, or deep freezes. However, our climate does face it’s own winter conditions; ones that can […]

What is hardscaping, anyway?

For the most part we can say with confidence that we all know what “landscaping” is… but what, exactly, is hardscaping? This article will shed some light on the subject- providing beautiful examples of successful hardscapes, as well as information to help navigate the vernacular. By literal definition, hardscaping is “the nonliving or man-made fixtures […]

Saying Goodbye to Your Green Lawn May Put Cash in Your Pocket

Although not too obvious during this morning’s down-pour, California is in crisis. Over the last decade, the intense drought has caused reserve water levels to plummet to record levels, and as it seems,  asking California citizens to reduce their power consumption hasn’t seemed to alleviate the problem. The California government may just have a solution […]

Natural Gas vs. Propane or Charcoal Grill

      Natural Gas Grill V Propane/ Charcoal Grills: One of the most under-utilized spaces of any home is the back yard. The back yard is the perfect place for spending quality time away from phone or TV screens, and to create lasting memories within a family or group of friends.  One of the […]

Decorative Concrete To Enhance Your Home Style

There are many types of decorative concrete available on the market today- a fact which is often unknown to many homeowners. Isn’t there only one type of concrete driveway? Thankfully no, and the below information should provide some insight and inspiration for you. No two homes are exactly alike, and your home should reflect the style […]

green lawn

The Secrets to A Green Lawn

Adding supplements to your lawn is the same principle as humans using a multi vitamin. The idea is to give your lawn the nutrients that it is missing, in order to ensure that you are maximizing your lawns growth and keeping it healthy. Proper supplementation can be crucial to turning an average lawn into the […]